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March 2022

It's been four months since We Came To Rock! The Pretty Maids Journals was released and the exhibition at Horsens Museum opened on November 1, 2021. It has been a roller coaster since and I still get emails from fans, musicians, family of musicians etc saying how much they love the book and how their memories are sparked by a photo or a story.

I received a message from a former members' sister who told me the book shed so much light on her childhood. That she was too young back then, but now could read about her brother. The time it took to make this book absolutely was worth it. I made the books for the fans, but a long the way it became for the past members too and their children. Pretty Maids is not my story to be told, but the members'. And this is where it get interesting. The former band members was not convinced I could make it, that their story would be heard too. John Darrow explained how his time in Pretty Maids usually is just displayed with a tiny black and white photo, but this was something different. The big joke is that I should make an un-authourized volume with more stories.

The reviews are few but fantastic and I am truly happy with every one of them. I have been named a "super fan", but I don't really feel like one. I love the band, as so many of us do.

The museum will keep the exhibition open until mid August 2022. Plan a visit during your holiday. A new annual festival named Jailbreak will be heard at the prison yard in Horsens on August 13, 2022. More information about tickets etc here! That will be the last call for the exhibition and we will make it a weekend to remember!

As the exhibition ends, Ronnie Atkins will auction his stage clothes that's been on display in favour of the Children's Cancer Foundation. More about this later on.

I will sign off here, and hope you all are well and safe.


Ronnie Atkins & Ken Hammer at the opening of Heavy Horsens. Photo by Henrik Hildebrandt

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