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13 juni 2045

Jesper Madzen - from the beginning it was the two of us looking for Pretty Maids in Horsens, but family life happened so I continued on my own.

Rikard Göransson - we met the first time in 1993 at an Evening of Thin Lizzy in Malmö, Sweden. But my first real memory of Rikard is in 2004 when we again met backstage and Ronnie Atkins tell us both that we need to be friends "you are my biggest fans!" Rikard took 1000s of photos back in the day when you needed an expensive camera and lots of film to take great photos. He made all the photos available for We Came To Rock. Great friend and listener! 

Lars Schmidt - the editor. A fellow Thin Lizzy-fan, bass player and journalist who followed Pretty Maids career since the beginning.

Janne Stark - layout. Technical writer, guitarist, journalist and author. With all the details and photos, the different sections and my super clear vision of what I wanted the result to look like, he attacked the task and did a very good job. 

Kennet Havgaard - the photographer who took the cover photo. Kennet is a creative art photographer who used to follow boybands around and take great, colourful photos of them. He worked for a youth magazine called MIX when he was asked to cover the Pretty Maids concert in Copenhagen. He only saw Pretty Maids once and when I located him he had to search in his attic for the original slides. 

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