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Favourite Songs!

This was a chapter that didn't make it to the finished manuscript.

I asked people I talked to about their favourite Pretty Maids song. I knew it'd be hard to chose, but I don't think I was prepared to see such a diversity. The songs are listed in alphabetic order!

Back To Back - Angel Schleifer, guitarist

Don’t Settle For Less - Hiroko Hayashi, long time fan

Enter Forevermore - Mats Ödman, long time fan

Fantasy - John Darrow, original bass player

Fantasy - Chris Laney, guitarist

Fly Me Out - Nikolas Krofta, fan and tour manager

For Once In Your Life - Andrew Middleton, long time fan

Future World - Allan ”Stevie” Owen, keyboard player and original member

Future World - Maiko Bové Japanese translator who read Burrn! out loud for me

If It Can’t Be Love - Henrik Hildebrandt, photographer

INVU - Jacob Hansen, producer

Lethal Heros - Niges Page, long time fan

Little Drops Of Heaven - Mario De Russo, Frontiers Records

Love games - Rene Shades

Never Too Late For Love - Ronnie Atkins

Never Too Late For Love - Steffen Jungersen, journalist

No Messiah - Søren Slaug, long time fan and contributor to this book

Please Don’t Leave Me - Per Olsson, contributor to this book

Red, Hot And Heavy - Christina Brix, Long time fan and contributor to this book

Red, Hot And Heavy - Birthe Pedersen, Erik Thomsens assistant at ET Concerts

Red Hot And Heavy - Muggi, worked with ET Concerts

Red, Hot And Heavy - Ken Anthony

Red, Hot And Heavy - Janne Stark, did the layout for this book and guitarist

Savage Heart - Lars Schmidt, long-time fan and journalist, editior of this book

Savage Heart - Martin Stark, journalist and fan

Savage Heart (Stripped version) - Hiromi Ito Sivertsen, Fan Club president

Waiting For The Time - Rickard Nilsson, photographer and contributor to this book

Waiting For The Time - Jörgen Holmstedt, journalist

Wasted - Flemming Odvig, long-time fan and contributor to this book

We Came to Rock - Paul Martin Nielsen, photographer and guitarist

We Came to Rock - Allan DeLong, bass player

With These Eyes - Sanne Grau, long-time fan and contributor to this book

Yellow Rain - Aska Haneda, fan and contributor to this book


The fans votes

The Kingmaker Nation on Facebook (now re-named Pretty Maids Worldwide Fan Club) had a poll in the end of 2018, where everyone could vote for their favourite song on every album.

The results:

Pretty Maids (EP): Fantasy

Red, Hot And Heavy: Back To Back

Future World: Future World

Jump The Gun: Savage Heart

Sin-Decade: Please Don’t Leave Me

Stripped: Savage Heart

Scream: Walk Away

Spooked: If It Can’t Be Love

Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Overdoing: Hell On High Heels

Carpe Diem: Clay

Planet Panic: Virtual Brutality

Wake Up To The Real World: Another Shot Of Your Love

Pandemonium: Little Drops Of Heaven

Motherland: Mother Of All Lies

Kingmaker: Kingmaker


Beginners Playlist

My ambition was to make a playlist that you could listen to as a beginner, not yet knowing, Pretty Maids. But it just took too much time and it is so hard to pick just 15 songs. I still don't know what songs I would pick. Maybe everyone's favourite songs from the top of this page? Or, the live album It Comes Alive - Maid in Switzerland from 2012. I think it is a fantastic album and it really capture the essence of Pretty Maids.

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