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""A glorious and recently published coffee table book - officially authorised too - written by Ozzie Adenborg, that I can't recommend enough. It's frankly excellent."



The First Authorised Book About Pretty Maids

The wait is over!

40 years of Pretty Maids has been summarised in this "bible" filled with never before seen photos, stories and interviews. Ever wonder how many concerts they played? Or where? Maybe you wished for a complete discography or every song they released? What do you really know about the dynamic of the songwriting? 

This and a lot more is in this scrapbook of Pretty Maids-information. Either you are a diehard fan already or simply interested in knowing how a band can survive over four decades - We Came To Rock - The Official Pretty Maids Journals is for you!!

Hard cover, 372 pages and more than 1,300 photos! If you think the postage is a bit heavy - the book weighs just below 2 kilos. We ship worldwide!

We Came To Rock cost 330 SEK (33 EUR). 

The story of Ken Hammer and Ronnie Atkins begins with a cigarette at a Thin Lizzy concert, 40 years later the band has changed line-up several times, released 16 studio albums not counting the EPs, live albums and best of... Pretty Maids stands firmly with one foot in the metal genre and the other in the melodic zone, but what is making them unique is their ability to still make interesting music.

372 pages of history, discography and the journals, a near to complete list of all the concerts with ticket stubs, reviews and much more. Photos by Kennet Havgaard, Rickard Göransson, Henrik Hildebrandt, John Mortensson and Rickard Nilsson, Dan Leo Lindeberg, Andrew West + many more!

We Came To Rock - The Pretty Maids Journals was released on November 1, 2021. Order now!

You can buy the book in Horsens, at the Pretty Maids Exhibition at Horsens Museum during Nov 1, 2021 - Feb 28, 2022

For more locations in Sweden look here! And for Denmark, look here!

We Came To Rock - The Official Pretty Maids Journals
Back cover
Pretty Maids Future World promo

We are the faces
We are the guardians of the night
We'll rock the ages
It's all right
We've seen the fire
We are defenders of your rights
We'll take you higher
Gonna take you to the sky

We came to rock
We'll rock until the morning light

'We Came To Rock' by Pretty Maids



Please contact us if you want to sell the book in your store or want to get in touch with the author.

We Came To Rock är tillgänglig på BokInfo, ISBN 978-91-527-0862-0

Tack för ditt meddelande!

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